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Web3 Makers® Blockchain design & Motion Studio

Fashion, automotive, social networks, administrations and 90% of industries are about to be reshaped by NFTs. It is just a matter of time.

Whatever your style or communication is, we have what you need.

Depending on your needs, we create, modelize and edit your very own NFTs with you or connect you with NFT artists for your project.

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Our team shares more than 10 years of experience across the high fashion, automotive, music, cinema events and marketing industries and

our network spans the likes of jewellery, haute cuisine, professional sports, influencers and more.

Share your story with a new world: whatever your market is, we've got you covered.

Unique experience.

The NFT market is constantly changing, as well as yours. Innovation is in our DNA, allowing us to come up with never-before-seen projects. 

Possibilities are infinite.

Creation and global support.

We work with more than 80 crypto artists: our experience and creativity will be at your service to create the best experiences, adapted to your audience.

We support you in the entire process, from the assets creation to the sales and more

Knowledge and accessibility.

Being in the cryptocurrency business since 2016, we will know how to get you in the right direction. Aware that blockchain is a subject that seems complicated to the general public, we seek to make your NFTs as accessible as possible.

We create, produce and overview your Web3 and nft-related projects.

Web3 makers works with you hand in hand to push you and your business forward, 

through the future of entertainment, sales and communication channels and more;

The future is now. Hop in.

Concept & Strategy

Adapted to Web3.0 and your image

Art & Asset creation

With more than 80 crypto-artists

Promotion, sales & distribution

Through the right channels


From A to Z

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