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Web3 Makers® Blockchain design & Motion Studio

The Team

Florian Fagot

Creative and Ingeneer.

Saber Naceur

Ingeneer and creative.

Kobe Shmurda

Dog and advisor.


A NFT Company works with you hand in hand to push you and your business forward. 

We create, produce and overview any of your NFT project, but not only;

We also connect you with creators, platforms, communities, and brands. YOU own your NFT, we handle the technical aspect. 

A NFT Company® is a Blockchain design & motion studio based in Paris, France.

How it works. 

Zoom call or real life meeting, we make sure you know the crypto and NFT world through and through. 

We brainstorm together to figure out your needs and the reach you're looking for, whether it is enhancing your sales, update your work, change your image to customers, or just be cool as a business ! 


We will accompany you from your knowledge on the subject to the conception of your very own NFT, and we will mint it for you to make it available depending on the purpose of the NFT. 


Basically, we handle everything for you, but you're still part of the team and have access to any of our common work.  

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